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Why do so many foreigners marry Japanese women?


Frankly, I see no logical reason to close a thread if the topic is of a general nature. This is a (more or less) ongoing discussion, and whether it contains "bad" or "inaccurate" info is nothing but a personal judgement. Refrain from posting in the thread if you don't like it. We have no expiry date on discussions.

Moreover, there is no need to report a thread that does not violate our ToS. Thank you for your understanding.
:DOf course it couldn't just be that they fell in love, right? I'm guessing you are a Caucasian-American. I recognize the tone.
LMAo_One of the other mods told me, "Unfortunately not much I can say or do about that. People are allowed to post whatever they want. But that's why we have the report button... Just report them." So there you go... Stop making a big deal out of nothing.

Well, welcome to Japan Reference, where freedom is still hanging on.

I posted on another forum that for all the talk from the gun advocates who accuse Obama of being a tyrant and swear they need guns to protect the country, that none had taken a shot at Obama yet. I was immediately banned for trolling, no discussion, no recourse. Freedom on the net is disappearing. Jref is something of a last bastion.
I wish everybody on this planet white.

Then everyone will be equally advantageous.

Hahaha...actually I think color is relative. If you follow the history of the world (if we are to believe the archaeologists and pundits) at different times, different people of different color have been on top. If civilization started with Africans and spread out to Europe and Asia, Africans were supposedly the first Chinese and Japanese warriors and Shoguns (Sakanouye no Tamuramaro), the first Italian Popes (Victor 1) and so on..and then due to wars and evolution, the balance of power shifted to other races and cultures. Now it is in favor of Caucasians....soooo, I would wish everyone was just happy being what they are and no-one find it necessary to oppress another race or civilization which seems almost asking too much.......
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