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Which brand are my drinking glasses from?


2 Jan 2021
When I was in Tokyo a few years ago I found these really nice glasses (pictured below) in a higher-end shopping mall. Silver flakes and a different motif on the bottom of each glass.
I would really like to know which brand they are from, but they don't have a label and I tossed the box they came in. Googled a lot but did not find anything similar.
Could someone please help me by saying where they could be from? 🙏🙏🙏

If you take the glasses to the high-end dinnerware department at one of the better department stores in Japan, the staff might recognize it or have ways to look up what brand it might be. I inquired about a traditional Japanese lacquer tray last month, and the salesperson pulled out multiple catalogues to try to find a match for what I was seeking.
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