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Favorite Japanese snacks, desserts, drinks, etc. ?

I like any form of potato chips. And i must note that i make a distinct difference between chips made of potatoes and those made of corn. I really don't like corn chips.

And i like fries, especially those large flemish fries.
Chicken McNuggets are also cool. Especially those in Thailand. They're different from those in Holland, you know. :)
Flamish fries, mmhhh... Belgian cuisine, beer and chocolate are special in general. Anyone living there for a while has no choce but to grow fat.

McNuggets: not very fond of them (at least the European ones), they taste very artificial. Probably they are, hehe...
Yeah well, chicken itself doesn't taste like anything and they probably mix all kinds of other meat into a Chicken McNugget as well. It's just that i like the crispy crust they use in Thailand. :)
Swiss Chocolat with nougat. And maybe some cookies too. If there's some piece of fruit nearby I'll probably take a bite out of it :D
In Thailand I tried fried grasshoppers, cockroaches and scorpions. That's a nice crunchy snack, but they all taste similar.

More commonly, pastries, burgers, sandwiches, Japanese "purin" (custard) or chocolate are what I eat between meals to appease my insatiable stomach (and believe it or not, I am rather slim).
I've tried locusts in Burma, they fry them at train stations. Salty, crunchy, not bad. And healthy, lolol.

I love all kinds of nuts, especially cashew and macadamia nuts. The fatter, the tastier. Hm, at the moment I have 16 kgs more than just five years ago, but wouldn't consider myself fat (yet).
Originally posted by thomas
Hm, at the moment I have 16 kgs more than just five years ago, but wouldn't consider myself fat (yet).

Then you are ripe for a trip to India. During my first travel around India and SE Asia, I lost 15kg. Actually, I have only taken 5 or 6 back. Japan is not a country were you get fat. I guess that's true for most Asian countries, but especially were it's hot because you are not so hungry, sweat a lot and drink plenty of water. The ultimate diet. :D
cookies and ice cream my favorites.

Although, I like some of the Japanese snacks. Like karinto. It's some kind of sugar covered ???. The ??? sort of reminds me of really hard pretzels.

I also like black sugar from Okinawa.
my favorite snack is kfc chicken potpies in japan, i never ate a whole one but that jingle in the commercial is still playing over and over again in my mind like a broken record, "kfc no chicken potpie, kfc no chicken potpie, kfc no chicken potpie" awww like an angels touch on a harp, so sweet, so tender.
Originally posted by Maciamo
Then you are ripe for a trip to India. During my first travel around India and SE Asia, I lost 15kg.

I've lost a lot of weight during my journey through Burma (just 2 weeks), but for other reasons. At that time I had only traveller cheques and just a bit of cash. In Rangoon (now called Yangon) they told me that my cheques would not be accepted. So I started to trade my personal belongings, like a T-shirt for a rice dish etc. I even managed to acquire a few souvenirs (in exchange for a cheap walkman I bought in Thailand, lol). After I had traded my last T-shirt, I was really short on food, but hey, it was a big adventure!
While my favorite snacks are Wasabi Iso Peanuts and Kakidane Arare, there is a Muscat Juice that I really love as well.

If anyone knows what company makes this delicious juice with peeled little Muscat grapes in the can, then please let me know. I have been meaning to ask my brother-in-law to mail me a few cans, but I keep forgetting. And I don't even know what brand comes with the grapes in it.
I also love wasabi in any form and shape. In Japan I've had my daily share of wasabi potato chips, I'm missing them.
i dunno if its japanese, but its definetly asian.. i love Pretz salad from a company called Glica.. theyre buscuit sticks like pocky, but its got this great taste..
I love Ramune soda
rather obsessed with it I must say

frequent customer down at the korean mart 😄

hmm...... anything orange flavoured
mmm ^___^

chocolate is nice too

I like those snacks I found in Japan that were some sort of mixing thing .. heh ^^;
those are very good, yet very tangy
i love chocolates and fast-foods like nugats, burgers and the worst and yet the best ---fries!!!...i always take those as my SNACKS, feel really good after having those, they're my daily companion!! But, those are really what geting my weight rising..^_^"
I love ICE-TEA and Green-Tea!!! -that's no snack? for me it is!!! i really drink that much of it that it is food :gulp: !!!!
I LOOOOOOVE karaage. I could eat hundreds.

but, I am going to an Asian medicine doctor and he's put me on this STRICT diet so no more snacking for me 😭

I love Green tea , mugi-cha and ulon tea so I live on that.......
watch the weight drop off - yaay!
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