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What are the good ways of making a male japanese name that "sounds" nice in english and japanese?

nice gaijin

Resident Realist
8 Aug 2005
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maybe he's worried that when he introduces himself as "crocket" people will think he's a croquette?


Just me
20 Aug 2003
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To make long story short, I'm looking for a unique long-lasting identity that I can use to communicate with japanese people and other groups.
I don't understand why you think a fake Japanese name is necessary for that. It'll be confusing from the start.

It probably wouldn't be easy for most people to empathize with my motivation.
Yup. What is it, anyway?

Sorry if I asked too much. I recognize that I am delving deep into the naming business without gaining much.
Yup. My son had no choice in his family name, nor his given name. My wife decided that he and she would have my family name, so it was up to her and me to choose the given name. I picked one that was easy to pronounce for my American family and friends, and one which I thought would not cater to nickname-building (I was wrong). I got lucky when my wife selected the kanji; it matched his personality perfectly and my own feelings about certain things, as well.

I suggest you do the same if you insist on this sort of name, but otherwise I think it's just confusing for the people you intend to get to know. People don't like deception, even at the level you purport.


22 Feb 2008
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Romaji gives only the pronunciation, and the meaning is provided by the kanji in Japanese language. There are quite so many synonyms in Japanese, so no one can tell the correct meaning of the name just from the romaji. For instance, Akiko indeed can mean "Bright Child" as in the site you linked, but the kanji must be 明子 for this meaning. Other alternatives of Akiko such like 彰子, 昭子, 晶子, 章子, 顕子, 秋子, 亜樹子,,, have different meanings. Also, there are many un-Japanese-like names in the site even in the first few pages.
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