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  1. W

    Question English speaking internship in Japan?

    Hi everyone, I am currently studying International Communication Management in the Netherlands and I am fascinated by the Japanese culture and language. I started learning the language 6 months ago, but I am still A1 level and I am only able to hold very basic conversations. I am supposed to do...
  2. cheaptotour

    Wanted Chinese Freelance Private Tour Guide Needed

    Hi, We are looking for those who want to work as freelance tour guide. If you can speak any of the following language hope that you can to join us. 1 ) English 2 ) Chinese 3 ) Spanish 4 ) Hindi 5 ) Arabic 6 ) Portuguese 7 ) Bengali 8 ) Russian 9 ) Japanese 10 ) Lahnda 11 )...
  3. JapanJimKobe

    New hear just moved to Kobe Japan

    Hi All, I am James a British guy recently moved to Kobe and wanted to say Hi! I am 38 and here for work and would like to see if anyone else is from the Area? Thanks!
  4. JojaTheCat

    Translation Help Needed (Japanese to English)

    Hello! Can someone help me to translate this 20 seconds japanese audio to English, please?
  5. N

    "Proverb" Translation

    Greetings! I saw this proverb the other day and really want to know the Japanese translation of it, possibly to make a poster of some sort. I believe it is basically a fictional quote from a samurai who tells his student: "It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war." Can...
  6. Bexy Jones

    I'm seeking the best way to get a job teaching English in Japan.

    Hello I'm Bexy and I'm new to this site.. I'm 24 years old from the UK and I have had a huge interest in Japan ever since I was young, this includes the culture, people, language, anime, food, buildings and nature etc.. I was even lucky enough to visit Japan (Tokyo,Kyoto,Osaka,Fujigoko) last...
  7. C

    LINE anyone?

    Hi everyone, I just started learning Japanese and would really like it if I could have a partner to help me through LINE or something. I can teach English to anyone and it would really help me if I had someone for this! I'm just getting back into studying Japanese, and I will be taking Japanese...
  8. Rayaqin

    Could someone help me with a translation, please? ( English->Japanese )

    Greetings everyone, The phrase I'd like toask you guys to translate from English to Japanese is " True love waits ". It is the title of a Radiohead song, and also appears in the lyrics. Some of the lyrics for more context: "... Just don’t leave Don’t leave And true love waits In haunted attics...
  9. K

    Need Japanese video translated if possible(short)

    Hi There, Am getting into the Japanse music scene, I recently watched a video where some people pick out records from a record store, they say something about 1 record in particular but I don't know what they said, if someone could translate that would be awesome !. Video link is below, I'm...
  10. Klinkov

    Hagakure translations

    Hello dear friends. Many of us noticed the Hagakure after Yukio Mishima's works. Many other noticed that book after the American movie "Ghost Dog". Other maybe already knew its importance or heard about this text through the sphere of Martial Arts. The reason of this topic is to declare the...
  11. D

    Undergraduate Design Universities in Japan?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently doing an undergraduate design degree in Australia (I'm just a first year), but I would like to go to Japan for undergraduate design instead. I'm ok with either transferring or reapplying all over again. However, my Japanese is honestly poor, at around JLPT N5. Given...
  12. S

    Help with this sentence, please!

    当サイトの開設日4桁と沖田総司さんが亡くなった日付4桁(旧暦)を続けた8桁の数字です。 (The website's opening date is 2015.09.30 - the date Okita Souji died is July 19, 1868) I'm supposed to decipher a password out of this sentence - but I'm not sure how to . . . follow the instructions (?). I might be making a fool out of myself, but...
  13. Iurii Detkov

    Job Offers Work in Europe for Japanese speakers

    Do you speak #Japanese? Dreaming about working in Europe? You have a chance now! Our Client is one of the biggest outsourcing service providers in Poland. Thanks to a team of 2,000 professionals, it delivers IT outsourcing services to 40 clients in 20 languages. You will have an opportunity...
  14. C

    What are the good ways of making a male japanese name that "sounds" nice in english and japanese?

    I'm trying to create a nice unique male japanese name that sounds cool in both english and japanese. I don't have strong opinions about what meaning the name should have as long as the meaning doesn't give a bad impression to me and people. Rather, I care about the sound of the name. The name...
  15. Random teach

    Help with a sentence structure

    I'm writing a description for a Fiverr gig which includes proofreading and sprucing up CVs and it goes like this: Today's job market is a tough one. More and more people have access to higher education while employers flip through dozens of impressive resumes... and the one that catches their...
  16. Y

    Please help, need to understand this instruction. ^_^

    hi! Im baking a cookie from a japanese cookbook. Ive done and understood most of the steps. Except this one. So in the recipe, it tells me to add eggs to butter and whisk. The next step says 九分くらいなじんだところでストップ. Ive done google and other translate and it comes up with something along of 'Stop...
  17. Tuvo

    Why is English difficult for the Japanese?

    Hello there! I am a new person here and firstly I would like to introduce myself and the purpose of this thread. Since I am conducting research concerning in which way the Japanese find the English language difficult, here is the topic. I would like to ask all the people concerned who feel...
  18. japaneseeego

    Help with easy translation. Arigatou Gozaimasu!

    "I wanted to give this to you before I left. (and) I wanted to see you and spend some time with you before I left." In short, I met a Japanese girl through a friend recently who spoke a bit of english and we spent some time together. We hung out at a restaurant and she left her lipstick on the...
  19. E

    Books in English

    Is it difficult to find reading material in Japan? I've never been there (one day). I live in the Czech Republic and was told that good books are difficult to find. And what are some popular Japanese sites? I know Facebook and Twitter and the usual things, but are there any others? In China...
  20. Caleb

    Hamaya Golden Arrow Description Translation pls

    I've recently come back from japan and while over there I bought a Golden Arrow from the Rinnoji temple in Nikko. It came with a description on a piece of paper that I can't understand. I wanted to frame the arrow with a translated english version of the slip it came with. If I could get some...
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