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The word "Jap".


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8 May 2005
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I think it is not good to use as an abbreviation for a person... for example, if there's a Japanese woman works in the office and you don't know her name but want to identify her to someone else, you might say "The Japanese woman" in the same way as you might say "The woman with the long hair" or something, but it would be really rude to say "That Jap". ☝

It's the same for other nationalities: you might say "The French guy who sits in the corner..." as a means of identification, but it would be rude to say, "That Frog..." :cautious:

I think that holds good even if the abbreviation or nickname isn't derogatory in itself - for example, Pole is an acceptable way of talking about a Polish person, but if you were actually identifying a specific person, you would say "The Polish man/woman".

It just seems to be that if you say only "Pole" (or "Jap"... or whatever...) you are giving 'brush-off' to the person, without respect... whereas if you say "[country proper name] person", you are acknowledging that their nationality is only part of what makes them that person, in the same way as their hair colour or eye colour. 😌

Dunno if that made any sense... :unsure:


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19 Jan 2005
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Dutch Baka said:
I was reading this Jap book yesterday, and really loved it. Good.
I don't know why, but just reading that sentence get's me a little irritated for reasons I cannot explain. Maybe I am of the the generation that still sees it as a derogatory word no matter who is saying or writing it.

CC1 said:
Dutch do you see a difference between Jap. and Jap ?
Perhaps if I saw the period after the word my emotions would not run so high as there IS a difference.


3 Jun 2004
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Pachipro said:
Perhaps if I saw the period after the word my emotions would not run so high as there IS a difference.

Exactly, the period denotes that it is indeed an abbreviation rather than just slang. (although it is not a proper abbreviation)


16 Jan 2006
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Well, to give you an idea that that "abbreviated" word is still offensive and how dangerous its usage (or even misunderstanding heard when it was not spoken) can be I'll relate a story I heard years ago.
A Karate Sensei from Japan had opened a dojo in the United States many years ago. While on the dojo floor, one American student said quietly to another (and should not have been talking in the first place) who was standing or training too close to him, "move Jack". Well the Japanese Sensei (who was right next to them) thought he said, "move Jap" (to the Sensei). Well this Sensei was known to be a very typical "old fashioned" :nihonjin: :samurai: :japanese: Japanese who could have lived in the Samurai age, and did what for him came naturally if shown such disrespect and proceded to knock the living daylights out of the student in question and basically scaring the living daylights out of all present. Well, needless to say, in ever-liablility conscious America, :argue: the student's parents sued the Sensei and his dojo was closed down for good. He left shortly thereafter. :wavey:
Yes, I would say it is disrespectful :haihai:
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People make many nicknames for other races and even their own. Some people think Jerry is racist, infact, some germans think Jerry is ok and don't mind at all. Rare occasion, some would even take it as a compliment since they thought so much about their race to give it a nickname. I say "jap" sometimes, and i mean no disrespect for japanese people. I do that with "black" people too. Heck, i refer to myself as a WASP. As long as it dosn't have vulgar intention, used in a hostile maner, or purpously segregating for unscientific comparison, it shoudln't be considered racist. The racist card is played way too much today. And i'm sick of it. Don't get me wrong, there is racism out there, but this card is way overplayed and played at the wrong times and on the wrong people. "jap" (if it even ever was) is no longer used specifically for racism. Yes, some use it for racism, but since it can have sincere meaning, it is not racist in my book.
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