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Jap or Jpn?

29 Mar 2008
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Being Japanese-American that term does offend me as does all those other slang terms for other asian ethnicities...the Koreans, Vietnamese, Chinese etc. I do not believe the term "jap" will ever go away as long as every December 7th newspapers across the country relive the bombing of Pearl Harbor and flash those nasty headlines across the pages. Hopefully, it won't get used as much but it does bother me a lot when I see or hear the term.

First of all, since you are a Nikkei like me, Japanese-American is improper English. Why? When you hyphen two noun, you made yourself a compound adjective. meaning:

Hyphenated compound adjectives may have been formed originally by an adjective preceding a noun:

* "Round table" → "round-table discussion"
* "Blue sky" → "blue-sky law"
* "Red light" → "red-light district"
* "Four wheels" → "four-wheel drive"

Got it?

As for Pearl harbor?

www . soest . hawaii . edu/HURL/midget.html#images

The photos are of the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor one hour before the attack. In other words, there was no surprise attack, and your friends and relatives who were placed in concentration camps were victims of the New World Order.

Google: Hiroshima American POW

also: w w w.goforbroke.o r g Learn about your people
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