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TE-form: -TE ageru (〜てあげる) and -TE morau (〜てもらう) Grammar 126

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13 Nov 2021
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We've already covered in my Grammar Video 19 how to express in Japanese that you GIVE or RECEIVE a thing.

This video will show HOW to EXPRESS, Give and Receive ACTIONS as a FAVOUR.

The form we use for this os -TE Ageru…, which means "to do something (nice) for someone else" or to do someone a favour (from the speaker's point of view).

The person who does a favour is the subject in a sentence, so the PARTICLE must be "は" or "が"
The person to whom you or someone does a favour, the PARTICLE must be "に."
-TE Morau…is on the other side, to have someone to do a favour for you (from the receiver's point of view)
The person who receives a favour is a subject (particle"は" o "が"), the person from whom the subject receives a favour (particle に).

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