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Should a female be allowed to ascend the throne in Japan?

Mikawa Ossan

17 Sep 2005
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The Diet is the only authority that can decide the rules concerning succession, etc. The rules they made were passed by a vote of the Diet, again the only way they could be made legally binding, and they were (and are) called the Imperial Household Law or whatever English translation you want to use.

The Imperial household itself really doesn't have any say in what the legal rules are to be, because that is the Diet's job.

Yes, Constitutionally, there is no restriction to women assuming the throne. However, by law women are forbidden from the throne. Of course constitutional law trumps regular law, but since there is no explicit mention of who is or is not elible for the throne, that is pretty much a non-issue.

My guess that people getting upset over a "constitional matter" is some kind of bad translation or simplification of reality for political reasons.
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