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nice gaijin

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8 Aug 2005
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I regretted that I never made it to one of Oliver's meetups, despite being on the board at the same time... I was just thinking of Mike as well, and also hope he's alright!


4 Sep 2015
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I too also came on late and I read Mike's post but couldn't help feel the sadness of such what was in that post. As far as Mike Cash goes, yes, he disappeared for some odd reason. Also on the motorcycle forum I hadn't seen him online also. That forum is now a by-gone of the past.
So I wonder too what happen to Mike. I know he was a good friend ( at least I thought so) and wanted to take a tour of Japan this summer and meet up with him, but ... so Mike if you check in, drop me a line (or all of us too)


30 Apr 2007
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I used to be an active member on this website back when I was first studying Japanese. I logged in today on a whim.

I was touched and saddened to read this news, as I never had the pleasure of meeting Oliver, aka Mars Man, in person, but remember his avatar and activity on this site very fondly.

I remember his posts and how informative and enjoyable he made these forums. I quite enjoyed being here thanks to his contributions, and he even kindly invited me to one of his famed BBQs, which I unfortunately could not attend as we all know what it can be like getting time off as an English teacher.

I'm older now with a Japanese/Western family of my own, and I can recall all of my friends from my Japan days, some still in Japan and some who repatriated, some with Japanese spouses, children of mixed heritage....what rich times we had, what great families we have become. I am reminded that those with such deep ties to Japan are a unique bunch. Reading Mike Cash's kind words I can see that Oliver also had these same wonderful friends and experiences, and his own family in Japan. I know we would have gotten along quite well and I regret not attending that BBQ.

I lost my father to cancer years ago when I was just finishing school. I know Oliver's family misses him greatly as I do my father. My father was 58 when he passed. The only thing cancer provides is time to say goodbye, otherwise it's truly a horrible disease.

My sincerest condolences to Oliver's family, and my sincerest wishes for peace for his soul.

Mike, this is late but thank you for putting this post here and letting us know.


13 Aug 2016
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It is good to read that Oliver (Mars Man) is still affecting people in a positive way.

The only thing left for me now is...

I would like to meet his Japanese family. I sincerely hope at least one of them reads this and wants to make the connection.

Even if the "meeting" might only be online.


Just in case my earlier link to the Japanofiles podcast #49 with Oliver Carter doesn't work, here is the direct link to it:

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