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Recipe for Japan Food Bento Box Australia


22 May 2021
Hello guys,

I was in Melbourne sometime ago and I have the opportunity to test a bento box in a place called Don Don. I am in my country now (Ecuador) and I would like to try to prepare those dishes but I just know the names into the menu but I don't have idea about the recipes and ingredients. I attached an image that I found in the internet about the dishes in the place. Maybe someone can help me with the names, ingredients, and recipes, please??? (the rice and mayonnaise preparation it's also important, here they are different ahahah) I am dreaming to test them again.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Mayonnaise is easy. They all use one brand called kewpie. So it's easy if you can find that brand.
It looks like you have gyuu-don and curry rice in the picture. It looks like there is some teriyaki chicken at the bottom of the bento and maybe also in the curry bowl.
The red garnish with the gyuu-don is pickled ginger. The red garnish with the curry is fukujinzuke. And of course the green flaky stuff is nori.
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