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Chinese Food vs. Japanese Food

Which do you perfer? Chinese Food or Japanese Food?

  • Chinese!

    Votes: 50 19.5%
  • Japanese!

    Votes: 77 30.0%
  • Both!

    Votes: 127 49.4%
  • I hate both... -.-

    Votes: 3 1.2%

  • Total voters


16 Apr 2002
Poll:Which do you prefer,Japanese food or Chinese food

Remeber Japanese and Chinese food are a lot different in the USA.
Hi Koji,

forgive me, I have added another option to your poll, for the undecided. I am one of them... ;)

The problem is that I love to eat in general, so I can't think of anything I really dislike.
Hmmm Chinese food is very popular in Japan ;)

I wonder if Chinese food is popular in China?

If you want to get hungry real fast go for Japanese food! Well, except for Tonkatsu :D
Hmm, that is such a tough call, but I could get sick of eating Chinese food, but notso with Japanese food. I just love those bento boxes more than anything :)
woooo the good ol standby -- bento!

Definitely something about bento boxes that is very appealing!
Sorry, that I share my thoughts on so many topics...

...but spicy Thai food is definetly is the best, there is my opinion no doubt. Well, I can understand, that Japanese food is popular too, although I find it hard to believe that someone really likes "cold noodles" :)

However, it is in my humble opinion all better than Chinese food. In fact, I still wonder, why Chinese are said to have one of the best cuisines in the world. I agree, South Chinese Food has some flavour (garlic, for example), but I wouldnt call it spicy. How about you?

Part of the problem is defining what is Chinese food! It is different in Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States. I still prefer Japanese food, in any case, but I also enjoy the Hong Kong style of Chinese food. I have not had the pleasure of checking out the real thing in China, so cannot comment.

I don't know about Chinese food. I mean it is great but I think どんぶり rocks esp. てんどん。 Chinese tends to be so greasey for my tastes but I can eat JPN foods all day long.
Originally posted by halloalex
However, it is in my humble opinion all better than Chinese food. In fact, I still wonder, why Chinese are said to have one of the best cuisines in the world. I agree, South Chinese Food has some flavour (garlic, for example), but I wouldnt call it spicy.

Oh man, go to Chengdu and order up some noodles, and you will discover new heights of spicy.

Chinese food is amazingly varied and tasty, but Japanese food is the best.
Regarding Japanese food...

Seems though, Japanese food received hardly any votes, in a sense, Japanese did get some votes by those who chose "both". If you did a poll with Japanese vs. some other ethnic food I am sure that Japanese would win in that case. I love both.
Some chinese food is spicy.....

depends on Szechuan, Hunan, Cantonese etc...styles. Isn't there a difference in taste between northern and southern Japanese foods? If I understand right...northern is more salty, whereas, southern tends to be sweeter or the other way around...not sure about that.
I hear that the tastes are sweeter in the south...with okinawa being a mix between both depending on where you are.
My Mom's and Dad's sides of the families....

came from different parts of Japan...my Mom's were from Fukushima and my Dad's were from Hiroshima...my late Grandma Shizuyo was an excellent cook and I can remember if her cooking leaned toward the sweet side or what. I don't remember my Mom's mother..she passed away around 1967 when I was only six years old.
You know there are know fortune cookies in China?

I do love Chinese food though.... mm。。。。 Dumplings.
My vote has to go for Chinese food. I'm not talking about ther Americanized Chinese food that tastes like junk. I'm talking about the real deal here. The food that is actually from China. Not something that has been altered to suit Americans' tastes. Have you guys ever been to a Chinatown? The food there is my favorite in entire world. I went to Toronto Chinatown and if I could I would live off the food there. It was better than anything I'd ever tasted. Surprisingly, I'm not a big fan of sushi. I'm not sure if it's because of the taste or becuase I've never really had <i>good</i> sushi before. Either way, I vote for Chinese.
chinese probally because ive had more, and its readily available where i live where japanese food isnt.
It was very hard for me to decided which one of the two I like best. Chinese food reminds me of southern U.S. food in a way. Very hearty and bold and rich. Japanese food is more delicate. To me, if I had to give them a gender, Chinese food would be masculine and Japanese food would be feminine, and being the mostly heterosexual that I am, I chose the masculine one... :p Just kidding. I mean, I love both very much, but I would have to choose Chinese, I think. Probably just because I relate to it better...if that makes sense...hmmmm

As for which food I cook the most, it's definitely Japanese. Of course, that's because I live with a Japanese person, and therefore, I am more familiar with the Japanese ingredients and cooking style than I am with Chinese cooking.
Yeah, I had a difficult time choosing too. But, I chose Japanese because I think it's more healthier. I do love scezuan(sp) though.
😊 Oh no! I just found out that's theres already another Thread on this topic._. So sorry!_! :sorry:
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