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Need help with a translation please! 'No Mind'


6 Apr 2020
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Hey, I am in need of a translation from My favourite film- The phrase is 'No Mind' --(Yes its for a tattoo; read the context :))

Context (if youre bothered to read)
I just finished re-watching my favourite movie which is the Last Samurai with tom cruise. One of my favourite scenes in the movie ( this is a link to the video of the scene on YouTube. I do have ADHD, so its difficult for me to place my mind in everyday. I really like how this scene portrays mindfulness, and I feel alot more calm when I remember to slow down my own thoughts generally ('clear my mind'). I was always interested in getting some sort of reminder on my wrist as to do so, but I just didnt want to get anything cheesy or corny. I would like this phrase translated so that I can tattoo it to my wrist as a reminder. I dont care what people think, as the tattoo will just be a personal reminder. Plus I dont want to have to explain to people why i have the words 'no mind' on my wrist (its easier to explain if its in another language i guess lol) I am aware there is different dialects of japanese? Or maybe phrases that do exist which is similar to this translation, in which I will have no problem using .

Ps. if you havent seen the movie already, you definetly should. And yes, I am aware that the movie is extremely historically inaccurate, but I enjoy the morals of the film.


6 Mar 2003
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This would be a lot easier if you gave us this clip dubbed or subtitled in Japanese. 😉But I’m sure somebody can help you out.

It’s possible that they translated it into something like “focus” or “concentrate.”

nice gaijin

Resident Realist
8 Aug 2005
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I prefer the original saying of 無心の心 mushin no shin, or the mind of no-mind, the heart of non-attachment to conceptual thinking. For the warrior, this translates to the ability to enter a flow state during combat and move without thinking, but it has greater implications for the layman doing battle with his inner enemies.

Zen mind, beginner's mind! If you are considering getting a phrase like this tattooed on yourself, I suggest doing some research into Zen. Suzuki Roshi is particularly approachable; any of his books should serve you well on your path. Thank you very much.
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