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Need to change car navigation/audio/video system language to English


9 Aug 2014
Hello Everyone,
I recently bought a car from Japan, and I would appreciate if you can help me to change the language of the navigation/audio system from Japanese to English or Russian or in a worst case some European language with Latin alphabet. It is a PanasonicCN-HDS935 system.

I uploaded the photo of the system with Japanese menu here


If you can please tell me which button should I touch first, I will go ahead and provide with new photo, etc.
Thank you in advance.

Are you sure it has other languages? How about maps for outside Japan?

Did you try googling an English manual?
I'm not sure if it has languages. But I don't care about maps, I just need to use audio system.
I googled English manual, but couldn't find.
This looks like the Japanese manual. At first look didn't see anything about changing language (presumably this car was not meant for export originally).
Yeah, I read the pdf manual of CN-HDS935MD in Panasonic official site, where nekojita-san mentioned. The system doesn't have any other languages than Japanese, I'm afraid.
Dear Mike Cash here is the screen photo after I touch the mentioned button but there is no 言語 button there.
panasonic page 2.jpg
Thank you very much anyway.
As others mentioned, there are no other language options available. You will have to get used to using the Japanese menu.
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