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MEXT Scholarship Through University Recommendation (Masters/Doctorate) 2021

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26 Jul 2017
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Hello everyone. I would like to attempt this coming school year 2021 for this scholarship. I would like to ask if what are most important things before I apply for this scholarship? Shall I get a TOEFL or IELTS certificate? Shall I get a higher GPA? Shall I get a JLPT N1 level certificate, etc? Thank you for your outputs!
Sure, you should have a TOEFL/IELTS certificate for applying the MEXT at least B2 (according to the guideline from MEXT). The requirement for GPA is 2.3/3 higher is better. You do not need to have N1 for JLPT I mean B2 in English proficiency test is more than enough but if you still want to get JLPT then go ahead. Moreover, your research plan, the last two years of GPA on your previous education, and an interview also important. If you have any question I suggest you join the forum MEXT Scholarship through University Recommendation. Good luck.
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