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  1. Raijyuu009

    Help Masters degree while working

    I was wondering if there are any ways to do a masters degree in Japan while doing a full time job. Like evening MBA are there any universities which offer evening classes for masters? So that I can attend classes after work hour or the classes can also be on weekends. Basically are there any...
  2. Kingler

    MEXT Scholarship Through University Recommendation (Masters/Doctorate) 2021

    Hello everyone. I would like to attempt this coming school year 2021 for this scholarship. I would like to ask if what are most important things before I apply for this scholarship? Shall I get a TOEFL or IELTS certificate? Shall I get a higher GPA? Shall I get a JLPT N1 level certificate, etc...
  3. HuronDeFuego

    Help Monbukagakusho 2019

    Hi for y'all!! I'm new in this forum, and being honest, I just created an account to make this questions, but I've been checking other post from other sections of this forum and I found some interesting, so I'm planing to stay active here in this community. Well… This is my question: We're now...
  4. Itasimisete

    MEXT Scholarship (Research/Graduate students) 2019

    Since I've just seen all the messages for people who got in for 2018 (congrats to everyone!) I thought it might be helpful to already start a new thread for people who want to apply for the next period (so applying Summer of 2018) for the MEXT Scholarship! I'm hoping to apply for the next...
  5. Devika

    MEXT scholarship

    So I'm involved at a university in my home country . If I get the MEXT scholarship for college of technology , will I have to leave my tech studies at my actual uni and go to Japan ??
  6. Ennie Marie

    Undergraduate MEXT art scholarship?

    Hello, everyone! I hope you're all in the best of condition. I'm a new member here, first forum, woo-hoo (please don't murder me)! I'm in need of answers for five of my questions. Hopefully someone will send them soon. Replies are very much appreciated. 1. Has there ever been any MEXT...
  7. Yulia R

    Help Taking University Entrance Examination in JAPAN

    Halo everyone, I am applying for MEXT research student 2018 GtoG and other scholarship from Indonesia government. I have contacted the professor and he agreed to accept me as his student. For the Indonesia government scholarship I need unconditional LOA, but the problem is I have to take...
  8. Embassy Recommended MEXT : Research Student Scholarship ( India )

    Application Process And Result

    Okay, So once you are done with your initial preparation, the actual thing begins. And I forgot to mention, it is okay if you don't know Japanese (unless you are applying for Japanese studies ) Its not a complicated procedure. It just takes a LOT of time. You need to wait almost 8 months to get...
  9. Embassy Recommended MEXT : Research Student Scholarship ( India )


    Hello ! This is the first time I am writing a blog, so if I make any mistake, please ignore them lol :emoji_flushed: The most basic question ( often asked on various threads and groups ) is what exactly is this scholarship? I will answer this in the shortest possible way. This is a scholarship...
  10. Embassy Recommended MEXT : Research Student Scholarship ( India )

    Embassy Recommended MEXT : Research Student Scholarship ( India )

    This blog will contain an overview of the process of application for the research student scholarship via a local Japanese Embassy. I had applied for the 2017 selection for this scholarship and was selected along with (atleast) 25 other applicants from India. This blog will mostly follow the...
  11. Samuri

    Simple Jikoshoukai (Introduction) in simple Japanese for scholarship interview!

    Hello, everyone! New here. I'm currently taking MEXT research student scholarship test and have already reached to final interview stage. Since I said I have some basic Japanese proficiency in application form, I'm expected to answer a question or two in Japanese (Self-introduction has very...
  12. kagu

    Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Specialized Training College 2017

    Hello! There are threads particularly for Undergraduate and Graduate categories already but since no has created one for this category, I thought of making one. I applied for this category and I actually took the exam and was also previously interviewed as well. I didn't actually expect to...
  13. S

    Looking for university that offer master's course in animation

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of applying for a MEXT scholarship so that I can study animation in Japan. As you may know, the application requires that I list some universities I wish to enroll in. The problem is that most of the schools I've seen only offer undergraduate programs, which...
  14. H

    The University of Tokyo Fellowship

    Are there someone here or know someone else who were awarded the University of Tokyo Fellowship? If you don't mind, would you please share the amount of stipend you get? The website says that it's 200k JPY/month but some people said that it can be smaller than that. Thanks.
  15. R

    Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Undergraduate Scholarship 2017

    It seems that the results from the 2016 Monbukagakusho Scholarship are mostly in and since no one else has started this thread yet, I thought I would do the honors. I will be applying for the MEXT Undergrad Scholarship in March. The conversations I saw in the 2016 and 2015 undergraduate threads...
  16. KenmaXhan

    Monbukagakusho Scholarship

    I've been doing some research on it but haven't really found much. Either it's me, or there isn't really that much information on it. I hope to be an undergraduate student studying in Japan. I hope to go when I graduate high school, I just turned 15 (today go-figure). 1) What are the language...
  17. P

    I'm 24 & employed, options for studying in Japan?

    Hi there, I'm from the UK, aged 24 and I'm currently employed in the tech industry. I spent a year at Sussex University studying Computer Science back in 2010-2011 but was unable to complete it due to financial and personal reasons forcing me unable to continue. Currently I'm employed with a...
  18. Z

    MEXT Undergrad to Masters Extension

    Hi! I am currently a 2nd year undergrad student in Japan through the MEXT Scholarship. I am interested in applying for an extension into Masters for when I graduate but there are a few things I would like to inquire about: (1) Aside from the minimum requirement of a 2.5 GPA, are there any...
  19. Dangosan

    MEXT Scholarship 2016 (Research)

    Hi everyone! Since everyone (or most of them) getting prep for exciting journey to Japan, I thought it was probably a good time to make new thread for those who are applying for next term 2016. I know I should start getting ready for paperwork and a research plan but so busy with damn school...
  20. MEXT Scholarship

    Language MEXT Scholarship

    The Mext scholarship, also known as Monbukagakusho (文部科学省奨学金 Monbu-kagaku-shō Shōgaku-kin) is a scholarship aimed at international students who intend to study at Japanese universities and is being offered by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT)...
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