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Japanese incense question

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14 Oct 2020
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Hello guys,

I bought a very nice incense set in a temple 2 years ago. I don't really remember in which temple it was.

I'm running out of the green one :cry:
Does anyone know how to identify the green one so I can buy exactly the same online?

Also, if the temple name is written on the box, I would be glad to know which one it was.

Thank you for your help.

The temple is 東本願寺 (Higashihonganji)
The green incense is 白檀 (Sandalwood).
I don't see a store on their web page unfortunately. Maybe you can buy various brands online until you find something similar.
My wife likes sandalwood too and there is much variety in the smell of products that are "sandalwood."
BTW the one you don't like as much is 沈香 (Agarwood).
The name of the green one is 真宗用お線香 浄薫香 白檀入 Incense Sticks for Shin Buddhism, Jōkunkō, Sandalwood contained. Exactly the same incense sticks are sold in the following shop (although the shop is for temples...).
Hello mdchachi, thank you so much for your fast help 🤩
I recognize the temple!

I will follow your advice and try to find a similar sandalwood before I finish the one I have.

This incense is very useful to relieve stress.

Thank you again!
Hello Toritoribe, thank you so much for your answer, it is exactly the same kind of boxes.

I tried to order using your link, unfortunatelly they don't seems to deliver outside of Japan.

Thank you again, for the link and the translation 😃
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