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Japanese curry gaining Guinness World Records certification


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14 Mar 2002
Otsuka Foods Co., an Osaka-based food company famed for its Bon Curry brand, gained Guinness World Records certification as the world's longest-selling retort-pouch curry brand. Otsuka introduced the product in 1968, making it the world's first commercially available hermetically sealed food product.


Otsuka Foods has begun shipping Bon Curry products with limited edition commemorative packages featuring the Guinness World Records symbol. In addition to the two mainstay offerings, "Gold" and "Neo," the company markets a wide variety of Bon Curry sauces, including those targeted for children. Initially, the sauce was packaged in a double-layered, translucent sterile pouch. Later, it evolved into a three-layered pouch lined with aluminum foil to drastically extend the product's shelf life. In 2003, Bon Curry products hit the market that could be heated up in a microwave oven without removing the cardboard packaging.

I wonder if they kept a few packs or cases from the original run, for a time machine-like experiment.
After having burned out on it early on, I'm going for the Guinness record for "the longest time lived here without eating Japanese curry".

Do I have any challengers?
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