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Japan, please stop whale hunting!

I know several Japanese, who say, that there is so much growing in Japan, that one life is not enough to try it all out. ;-)

Also see a new developement in the growth of teeth:
more wisdom teeths, less in front, particularly the pointed ones, as for evolution.
I know it, because I have two missing, one came and one grew inside, therefore I got all my wisdom teeths. Comment from several dentists in my life, yes, ah, here it is again, we recognised the same with others too, there is a general change on the way.
When I wrote this on a science forum, I got it confirmed.
Although I am not a vegetarian, but my daughter, I eat only very little meat and don't feel dependant on it at all.
So much for a change. . .
I am a 57 year old attorney in Idaho (USA). I have been watching the tragic seal hunts and whale hunts for years, though have mostly kept quiet. Now I find that it is something I feel a moral obligation to speak out against. This is 2009 and I really don't think our wives need cute white seal coats and no one needs to eat whale meat. This is cruel, not needed and upsets millions of people. The whales and the seals are good animals. Let's stop the slaughter, or state clearly why this is really necessary.

Sorry, but there is no need in 2009 to eat whale meat. I think this is causing a huge backlash, especially now that the Animal Planet television station has picked up a show about it. My wife and I are going to donate to the cause and make it a special part of our lives. It has to be stopped.
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I'm not sure why, but I take a hippie stance on it. I'm vegetarian from my parents religious views, by the way, though I'm not sure I'd start eating meat once I leave the house. I see no need to. I'm against whale hunting and pretty much killing to consume. I know my views are irrational when I say that domesticated animals are plenty abound so chicken, cow, whatever other meats there are may as well be consumed, but less abundant animals such as whales, even culturally, really shouldn't be killed anymore.

Japan has suffered a huge cultural upheaval, if they are willing to accept the fact that extinction of an animal will be inevitable, then it is up to the rest of the world to make their blind eyes see. Even America, land of the arrogant, has been turning around its polluting ways...somewhat.
Lets sit back and look at it.

If Japan wants to whale, let them whale. But confine the whaling to their OWN WATERS! If what they say is true and whaling is not threatening whale numbers or migration patterns I am sure there is no problem in sustaining whale hunting as a economically viable food source in Japan.

So go and empty your own waters.

I read up on the matter for a bit. If you want to make this a cultural thing, fine. Traditional whale hunting is still done in Japan. Lots of people depend on it for their income. So Help these people to get the 'gap' in the market instead the whaling fleet. Let them supply the demand and everybody wins. Well, except Japan's whales.

People do not like seeing whales killed. Because its "not nice".But hundreds of other species are killed every day with as much cruelty, some of these just for fun.But we turn a blind eyes.

Whaling is just one aspect of how the oceans are being depleted. If we lose links in the eco systems we are going to lose the whales in any case.

Lets start looking at the bigger picture of witch whaling is just a small part.
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