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Tech Japan developing artificial gravity living facilities

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14 Mar 2002
Researchers at Kyoto University and contractor Kajima Corp. are planning for the future developing living facilities for human habitation on the moon and Mars and a transportation system reminiscent of a galaxy express. The plan will become possible in the 22nd century, at the earliest, and centres on constructing "artificial gravity living facilities."


The facilities will be able to generate the same level of gravity as on Earth by using centrifugal force created by rotational motions. One of these facilities, called Lunar Glass, will be built on the moon under the plan. Another called Mars Glass will be constructed on Mars. Gravity on the moon and Mars are one-sixth and one-third of that on Earth, respectively. The facilities will help reduce the impact on the health of people living on the moon or Mars that could be caused by low gravity, according to the researchers. They also plan to create space in the living facilities complete with forests or waterfronts by mimicking the biodiversity on Earth. Although they expect constructing the massive facilities will take them around 100 years, they aim to build a simplified version of them on the moon by 2050.

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