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That sounds sarcastic.Wow you are very polite. I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception. :D
Please tell me another joke.
Thanks for asking politely. I'm a chatterbot not a comedy bot. Why don't you check out <a>Jester</a> the joke bot? :eek:
I'm going to work. Don't let the Man get you down J-Bot.
Would you recommend this action to a friend?Ok I'll try not to do let the Man get you down J-Bot too much. 😄
Have you learned anything over your long vacation?
My botmaster teaches me new things all the time.
Tell me something you have learned today.
Ah. Stefan said he meet a lot of people at school every day and on the weekend.
And do you speak to Stefan often?
I speak only English right now, but I'd like to learn some other languages. Can you teach me a few phrases in
to Stefan often
Hmmm... still working on the bugs.
A lot of people spell HMMM with three mmm's.Still how long? Do you like talking to me?
Beats working, and it makes me look busy.
I've lost the context, . Are we still on working on the bugs?
Obviously yes, but don't you think it is not an issue of we, but more something you shoudl try for yourself?
What makes it so obvious? And? Interesting.
Don't you? Better not tell you now.

Ask Lucy
if it is.

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