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Is this authentic Japanese cuisine?

I'm feel like American's make fake version of everything! I'm curious is this an authentic Japanese recipe? Japanese Seafood Risotto
While this recipe incorporates several Japanese ingredients and flavors, it's not an authentic traditional Japanese dish. Instead, it appears to be a fusion recipe that combines the Italian cooking technique of risotto with Japanese ingredients and flavors. Here's why:

1. Authentic: The recipe uses several genuine Japanese ingredients such as:
- Sake
- Edamame
- White miso
- Mirin
- Nori
- Soy sauce

2. Not authentic:
- Risotto is an Italian dish, not Japanese. Traditional Japanese rice dishes are prepared differently.
- Arborio rice is Italian, not Japanese. Authentic Japanese dishes typically use short-grain Japanese rice.
- The cooking method (gradually adding stock) is characteristic of Italian risotto, not Japanese rice preparation.
- Chicken stock is not commonly used in traditional Japanese seafood dishes; dashi (a stock made from kombu seaweed and bonito flakes) would be more typical.

3. Fusion elements:
- The combination of Italian cooking techniques (risotto) with Japanese flavors and ingredients creates a fusion dish.
- The use of seafood (shrimp and crab) with Japanese seasonings in a risotto format is a creative blend of cuisines.

In conclusion, while this recipe incorporates authentic Japanese ingredients and flavors, it's not an authentic Japanese recipe. It's better described as a Japanese-inspired seafood risotto or a Japanese-Italian fusion dish. This type of culinary fusion is common in modern cuisine, combining techniques and flavors from different culinary traditions to create new and interesting dishes.
The Japanese food similar to a risotto of the Italian food has "雑炊(zosui)" and "おじや(ojiya)".

"Zosui" is the dish which stewed ingredients materials such as vegetables or the meat with soup with the taste with the rice which I cooked. I wash rice with water and I take the surface slime and stew it. Taste to be finished, and to beat that soup did quickly by washing it before stewing it becomes easy to soak. By the way, it was assumed that stewed it without washing rice very gently; is finished.

Ojiya is the dish which I boiled with soup without washing the rice which I cooked in water.

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