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In Aging Japan, Under 75 Is the New ‘Pre-Old’


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14 Mar 2002
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The Japan Gerontological Society has redefined who's old: those under 75 are now "pre-old".

For those who cannot access WSJ, here's a summary:

As a result of analyzing various data on the physical and psychological health of the elderly in recent years, a phenomenon of "rejuvenation" has been seen in which the appearance of changes in physical function as a result of aging, including gait speed and grip strength, have been delayed by 5–10 years among the elderly at present compared with 10–20 years ago.1 Even among those aged 65 years or older who have been regarded as elderly, especially the young-old aged 65–74 years, mental and physical health is well maintained, and the majority of them are capable of taking part in active social activities. Furthermore, according to the results of various awareness surveys, the opinion against recognizing those aged 65 years or older as elderly is generally gaining strength in society as well According to the survey carried out by the Cabinet Office of the Japanese Government, many people think that those aged over 70 or 75 years should be considered elderly. Therefore, our joint committee would like to propose a classification of people aged over 65 years as follows.
  • Aged from 65 to 74 years: pre-old age
  • Aged over 75 years: old age

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