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Hello from Germany!


9 Jan 2022
Hello there; i found this forum on accident and decided to sign up, since I want to start learning japanese more seriously.
My native language is german, I am more or less fluent in english and tried to learn japanese two years ago (before covid started). But my japenese teacher left germany and went back to japan, so I stopped attending classes.

I love the japanese cuisine (pretty much addicted to ramen) and I like anime/manga, a lot of japanese games (like light novels, otome but also a lot of jrpgs and stuff) and I wish to be able to at least understand japanese good enough to play video games and read manga in japanese/watching anime in japanese without subtitles. :D

I work full time and I have a side hustle too, so my time is limited. But I want to make room to do at least a little bit each day to improve. I am not sure which way to learn might be the best for me, but I guess the immersion technique is a good way to start, since I like listening to podcasts/audiobooks and japanese music anyway. :D

Feel free to ask anything. And I am looking forward to be part of this community.
Hi Mochimona and welcome to the forum

I am glad to hear of your interest in learning Japanese.

Have you mastered the reading and writing of hiragana and katakana?
Welcome Mochimona, nice to have you!

Btw are anime and manga popular in Germany/Europe?I heard its not much (its more in China and Latin America, so I heard) but its good to hear from a person from the actual places

Anyway hope that you enjoy, and that you get to learn Japanese
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