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Hi from Germany


11 Sep 2002
Hi to everybody,

Here's a new guy from Germany. I just came across this forum, and as I have been to Japan last year and would love to go there again for a while, I signed in to check out what's going on in here. This is gonna be a whole lot of reading, I guess. :) I definitely want to learn Japanese, and I was glad to read that although it will be quite hard, it is not impossible! 😄

So, c u around soon!

Thanks for the welcome...

By the way, you're Irish? I stayed in Dublin for four months last year - and had a great time!;)
welcome and yoroshiku :)

Where you from in Germany? My family is located in and around the Cologne area. My father was from Leverkusen :)
Thanks again to you all for the welcome!

@moyashi: I'm from Berlin with some relations to the Hamburg region. Cologne seems to be a very cool town, isn't it? How often do you go there?
My mother lived in Hamburg after running away from Dresden after the war.
Yeah, the Cologne area is pretty cool.

I haven't been to see my relatives for a long time. I would really like to go see them and my mother's home town of Dresden. The last time I was there was 10 years ago. It must have been only 2-3 years after the Russians pulled out. At the time, The East German side looked very barren, and it broke my heart just going through towns.

Where you in the East or West of Berlin?
Originally posted by moyashi
Yeah, the Cologone area is pretty cool.

I'll have to check that out one day!! Did you ever try out the Carneval? 👍

Originally posted by moyashi
I would really like to go see them and my mother's home town of Dresden.

You should do that, it has changed a lot! Beautiful city centre, but it took a huge damage from the recent flood catastrophe, perhaps you've seen something about it on TV.

Originally posted by moyashi
Where you in the East or West of Berlin?

I was born in the Western part of Berlin and moved to the former Eastern part 4 years ago. Although to me there is now just one Berlin, many people think of two Berlins... it gonna take a long time until that changes... :p
No, I missed the Caneval. :(

Yeah, I saw the floods. I was wondering if my grandfather's river side cabin got washed away or not. Err, it's not his anymore ... but I like to think about it that way. He ran during the night when he heard that the Russians wanted to use his architectual skills.

Wow, really changed that much! I know that Dresden was once a very beautiful city. My grandmother used to cry at night when she remembered the fire bombings.

Strange that I was born American .... yet my family is German and Danish.

So, why did you move? Cheaper rent or just a better location?
Wow, your grandparents must have lots of stories to tell about those dark times... hard to imagine that all this sh.. happened in my own country!

So, as your roots are in Germany and in Denmark, do you speak any German or Danish?

Originally posted by moyashi
So, why did you move? Cheaper rent or just a better location?

Both... I moved out at my parent's and to a cooler part of Berlin with nice flats, cheap rents, lots of young people and cafes, bars and clubs around!

So what about you? How came you moved to J-Land? ;-)
Unfortunately no. My Danish is zero, and my German is something that might come back if I went to visit my relatives.

My parents wanting to ease my life in the States. Too bad they didn't have the vision to make me bi-lingual.

It sounds like you found a great area to live. :)

J-Land ... long story, but the short is that I was interested in doing business in Asia. Combined with a deep interest in Martial Arts, although I don't practice right now. Also, there has been this thought/urge to spread the family across the world. Of course, a lady (errr, actually a few) helped make my decisions.
Bi-lingual would have been cool, makes things a lot easier!

Yeah, it's really a great area where I live.. but anyway, I want to go and see some other places in the world - there's so much to discover!! E.g. Japan... Not only for the ladies... :) :)

What kind of martial art did you practice? Sounds interesting... So do you like martial art films as well?
Me and SamuraiTora are Martial arts nuts here on the forums.

I've done, Kung Fu, Karate, Kick Boxing, Aikido, Kendo, and Naginata. Of course, films are a favorite too. How about you?

Japan is great place to visit!
I'm afraid I cannot compete with you guys concerning Martial Arts... I've done nothing like that, just thought about learning one of those. But then I decided to stick with Basketball... I wouldn't say I'm a fan of the films, but I find them quite impressing sometimes. And me and my friends had a good laugh when seeing "Tiger and Dragon", when people startet climbing up the walls..! :) And I know some scenes from some old Kung Fu films just by listening to the music from the Wu Tang Clan. :)

I'll definitely be in Japan again one day, either for holidays or a longer stay, that depends on the circumstances. What area would you recommend in Japan?
Area of Japan, hmmm, I guess that depends on what you're looking for.
Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Nagoya, virtually any city is great :)

Don't worry about the Martial Arts thing. It was just a fad when I was in high school. :)

Climbing Walls :) well, it's part of the whole thing. You could do a drinking thing to some of the movies. Every time they same "I'm gonna kill ya" or when they do something outrageous you all have to drink or per character per party member one whole shot :) Nothing like having fun to cheesey Kung Fu movies!
Any city? Cool... well, I just know Tokyo and Kitakyushu a bit and met nice people in both cities. And that's the thing I care most of!

Good idea with the Kung Fu movie parties, I should think of that next time I have my friends with me! ;) I don't know if they care much about the films but they do care about drinking and laughing, I'm sure! ;) So what kind of film you'd recommend?
lol .. any ... they all have the same type of dialogue :)

We used to use StarTrek ... "Beam me up Scottie" was a full beer for all :)
Ok, so I should go for that!! Sounds like real fun! Why not take Bud Spencer and Terence Hill films and drink a shot every time they hit someone in the face... This could end up badly! :p

Ok, let's get back to more serious things.. so you got a visa for Japan? How long is it valid? Is it difficult to get one?
hehe, anything works when I have good beer and fun friends :D

Me, oh, I'm married with the magic "Green Card" [eju-ken] ... permenat visa now! I'm considering nationality now though.

I should try to get my German nationality too before my father gets too much older. At one time I thought of doing it but I was young and didn't want to go into the military. Nothing like having a EU passport to cover up being American.

Visas can be difficult or easy. Depends on the type of work you do over here.
Ok, marriage is no option for me at the moment.. :) Why do you consider taking the Japanese nationality? Does it make things easier over there or is it just because you feel that much japanese yourself? I appreciate that! It shows that you identify yourself with the culture and the country you're living in, that's pretty cool!

So, what's that thing about America? You're not proud of your country? ;) Every country has strengthes and weaknesses...
@ America
hmm .. One part is that America likes to stick it's nose in to many places and the other part it's just that being an immigrant's child I've always had soft spots for my parents home countries. True though, America will always be a part of me though.

hmm, it's a difficult thing to do since my father is worried I'll do what he did. Also, I have to techinically (err officially) give up my American citizenship according to Japanese laws.
It's definitely rich in content. :)

Seriously, you could spend hours browsing though Debito's site, it's unique.
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