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Funny JRock Pictures

Who takes the funniest pictures?

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Said friend went a bit psycho on meh *** though...:(

But it was just so cute and adorable! 😍
Gah, well PIANO time for me! :D Have you seen the Regret PV? The piece I'm playing currently sounds somewhat like that :D anyways later!!!!!1 -huggles- baaaai bai! 🙂
Here's one.

It's easier to understand in norwegian but... :p

And this, sorry, couldn't resist...

Dollporn, those are hilarious! :giggle: :giggle:

rose_of_eternity said:
Oh but you MUST see the Regret PV! Kami and Gackt do the prettiest duet EVER -faints from the elegant sexiness- :D:D:D:D

I don't like Malice Mizer...☝ -'eeeps' loudly and ducks for cover, quivering in place-

anchyyy said:
Wooowww Horizon brilliant thread!!! 👍 I laughed like a maniac when looking those pictures:D:D:D:D:D:D

Yay! People likes it, they do, they do! 🎊
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