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Picture of Mana without his makeup...no, not that one...

NYAAA!! I finally saw Mana w/out any make up on!! 😎
I registered in this forum just so i could view the pix :D

Too bad those stupid sun glasses didn't let us see his cute face very well....
With or withou make up Mana is so cute and hot and ***-kicking!!!
I think I have a picture of him... Only, he has some make up on...but I think he's shirtless.

I'm not sure if it's photoshopped or not, but look:

*shoots uncontrolably* lol im just kidders lol what kidders? :D

he looks sexy of course but his eyebrows look like they're gonna jump off and eat me :O
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what's the thing with liking guys who look like girls....o_O?? I think after a few years u kids gonna say "omg,was I really like that when I was young??"....and believe me, to many people it happens :p

そのとおりです! Guys are handsome not pretty haha
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