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Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift

"It will portray Tokyo about as realistically as Barney protrays Dinosaurs."

Lol, can I use that for myself some time? Nice1.
well the i have the dvd allready in my collection and i must admit it's a good movie it was the best F&F movie.

there's a scene in the movie when the main characters are driving and pulling up the speed and then they see the police.
and one of the characters says: Don't worried here in Nippon the police cannot drive faster than..miles/hour dunno whats in miles but here its 180km/hour.
funny scene.

There were many mafia dudes in the movie. Takashi's (DK) uncle played the Yakuza leader. He was always wearing some pimped-out suit, driving Cadillacs, etc. My question is... Is the depiction of Yakuza accurate as seen in the movie?

You have a cartoon for your avatar, what does that make you? Phoney? I don't think so. Han wasen't playing a Japanese charecter, if he were his name wouldn't be Han.

I might add that the person who says that Han is Japanese in the movie, didn't really see it.

There was a part in the movie when Han and Sean were in the roof of some building in Shibuya talking to each other. Han tells him that he was running away from China just like some cowboys escaped the U.S. to go to Mexico.

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