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Tokyo Decadence.


11 Jul 2003

has anyone ever seen this movie? I ran it at my cinema last year and it looked interesting in a "Hentai" sort of way. Does anyone know if it is available on DVD, I've tried searches at a few websites with no luck.

The music on the film was kinda funny too, wierd jazz type easy listening thang goin on....?!

It is all about the excesses of the 1980's and how men had so much money they spent loads on dominatrix women and stuff.

I remember seeing this film way back in the day. It was definitely... different. From what I remember the film revolves around a high priced call girl/escort and the overall misery of her dreary existence. Kind of a dark film really with lots of mature themes (drugs, sex, etc.) but probably worth seeing at least once if you haven't had a chance.
I know Tokyo decadence and nightlife in Tokyo? Which one is which? I keep confusing them.

I remember that one was about a young actress who wanted to earn some money. Well, and I remember some scenes like where she with a friend digs some guys in on the beach and at the end parted from her bf.
Was that Tokyo decadence? Too long ago, I've seen them.

Well, even if I forgot a lot about them, they seemed rather good. Some people might consider them just porn, but I think that those people just focus then too much on some scenes and not on the movie as a whole.

every city had a double face of a medal... Tokyo decadence is the black face; I' reading Murakami's book, in Italian "Blu quasi trasparente": this is another black face of Japan. But I don't believe this is the truth... the truth is in the middle way.👍
I finally got it on DVD! A friend went to the states and picked it up for me, it's only full screen but it has english subtitles so I can understand what's going on properly. Result!
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