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Conversational Kanji

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4 Apr 2021
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Hey guys! I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for a while since I have had an interest in Japan for yearsss! I was wondering what are the most common kanji that is used in every day japanese language. (Conversational) I feel most of the kanji I see in first level of textbooks are more of what I will see in a newspaper or book.
I know kanji such as 月、何、元気、and 人.
I do want to know more. If there is a existent thread on this please let me know!


12 Oct 2013
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Its tough to answer because kanji are taught little by little to kids in the elementary school system. And really kanji is just the written system, so you don't need to know any kanji to hold a conversation, but I think I know what the gist of your question is.

Check out this list of kanji taught to 1st graders. If you can memorize these, you will know as many as a first grader in Japan. I'm posting a link to the site from which this is taken. If you want to move on to the 2nd grader list, click on the "小学2年生" link to the right of the list. There is a similar link on the top and bottom of the site, but don't click on those because those are links to advertisements. Use the links on the right side of the page. (I was hoping there would be a better one, with pronunciations on them, that would be more user friendly, but this is the best one I could find. Japanese web design is not great, and the ads and popups and general navigability I find very frustrating).


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