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How many Kanji do you know?

How many Kanji do you know?

  • 0-99

    Votes: 134 43.4%
  • 100-199

    Votes: 37 12.0%
  • 200-299

    Votes: 18 5.8%
  • 300-399

    Votes: 16 5.2%
  • 400-499

    Votes: 9 2.9%
  • 500-1000

    Votes: 44 14.2%
  • 1000-1500

    Votes: 15 4.9%
  • 1500-2000

    Votes: 18 5.8%
  • Over 2000

    Votes: 19 6.1%

  • Total voters
200-300 I can write myself. But I'm sure I could recognize at least a hundered more.


I have edited your poll a bit, as many people here know more than 500 kanji, I think (then it is "how many" and not "how much").
hmmmm? maybe it should be amended one more time. I think the first choice should be zero since I am sure that some people do not know any kanji! I myself know only about 150.
Who knows over 2000 kanji?
Does anyone have any good websites that teach kanji and the many sentences it can be related to? Not just words but examples a whole kanji broken down.

I was working on a tutorial I had over 50 lessons.. but i lost them in a virus.
Kamisama said:
Who knows over 2000 kanji?
I think the correct spelling is "What bastard knows over 2000 kanji?" 😊
I don't know who you are - but I'm going to be there next year.
Kamisama said:
I was working on a tutorial I had over 50 lessons.. but i lost them in a virus.
Your next lessons will be in Data Recovery, Redudancy in Backup Systems and Virus Protection, will they? :sorry:
Maciamo said:
Btw, I voted 1500-2000.
Hmm, me too.

What this needs is a totally unfair tie-breaker.

What is the full kana version and rough meaning of the following words?

(They are all from my 'nasty vocab' list for moderately common words that I keep forgetting - I got them all wrong last time I tried them and I haven't tried these for at least four or so days.)



copy and paste (not quote) the above list and enter your answers - then see my answers and what EDICT said below.

MY ANSWERS: ('hidden' by white text).

頑な かたくな stubborn TICK
戊戌 ぼじゅつ 6th of the sexagenary cycle CROSS (35th)
緊迫 けんはく tense CROSS (きんぱく
宣誓 せんせい oath TICK
主催 しゅさい supervisor of meeting CROSS (Organisation, sponsorship)
礎 いにしえ foundation, basis CROSS (いしずえ foundation stone
啓蒙 けいごう luxury CROSS (けいもう enlightenment)
連邦 れんぽう Commonwealth TICK
颯爽と さっそうと Jauntily TICK
柑橘類 かんちつるい citrus fruits CROSS (かんきつるい)

4 out of 10. (Not so good)
not enough! I'm stuck in that kanji "No man's land" between 500 and 1,000. Not enough to read, but more than just a few.
Just around 50 at the moment. I hope to be around 200 by the end of the spring semester in May.
Buntaro said:
Hey, how about a poll for how many kanji we have forgotten!!!
All of them. Several times.

Luckily I've memorized most of them again at a later point. :p
Well, I'm supposed to know like 45 or 60, and although I recognize allmost all of them I only remember how to write like half of them... :eek:

Kanji is really bothersome, and sometimes it's straight up useless! I mean comeon, if you want to write tabemono it's like 10 times more bothersome to replace the "ta" with the kanji than just plain writing "ta" in hiragana. I think whoever made these kanjis up was having a real fun time thinking of how we gaijins would have trouble understanding and learning them (or atleast I have 😌). :banghead:
I went with 400-499, because in the middle of my next-to-last quarter in college (somewhere between 1/04 and 3/04), I finished the JWL (Japanese: the Written Language) text, which covers 400 kanji. Throughout the next 3 or 4 months I learned some supplementary ones from various sources... and since graduating in June '04 I've been translating some website content every week, as well as regularly chatting with Japanese people via email, forums, and MSN... all of which helped me learn to recognize LOTS more. I wouldn't say I'm over 500 though... mainly because I lost count months ago. :p Plus, if we're talking about writing, I probably remember less than half that amount, so... heh.
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