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みどり - tattoo


27 Mar 2023
Hey folks,

I'm planning on getting a tattoo of my birth name (my name has changed since): Midori

I am wondering, then, is this the right way to write "Midori" in Japanese hiragana? みどり

I will be doing it horizontally too. Is this okay, or should it be vertical?

Thank you!
Howdy, @KaiDori

みどり is indeed the way to write Midori phonetically, in hiragana
ミドリ are the same characters in katakana
緑 is the kanji for the word "midori," which means "green," but I'm not sure if that by itself is used for a first name, and there are special rules for kanji in names so there are a few ways to represent "midori" in Japanese names: Japanese First Names for "midori"

If you don't have kanji for your name, your best bet is to stick with the hiragana :)
best of luck!
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