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  1. thomas

    Travel Tattoo-friendly Japan

    A new website caters to foreign visitors who sport tattoos but who would like to experience Japanese cultural institutions like onsen and public baths which traditionally refuse tattooed guests. Some facilities though have started to accept tattooed travellers for several reasons (according to...
  2. Georgekry

    What is the name of this artistic tattoo?

    nextluxurydotcom/mens-style-and-fashion/cherry-blossom-tattoo-designs-for-men/ The 29th tattoo: two hands. On the *man's* right hand there is a yellow head of an animal. On the other hand a head of a dark character I suppose. Is the name of the tattoo regarding both hands? I am will do the...
  3. jbrda

    looking for someone who can help me out preparing my next tattoo

    hello there! :) i am planning on my next tattoo. it will be the wolf moro from the anime princess mononoke and a quote of her. in english she yells something like "don't you dare talking to a goddess like that". i want the quote to be written in kanji but i can't read/write kanji myself...
  4. M

    Japanese tattoo (Kanji)

    I want to get this tattoo and from top to bottom it is supposed to say: Patience, Respect, Appreciation, Discipline. Can you guys confirm that for me just to be safe.
  5. J

    Please help me translate!

    I am getting a tattoo done with japanese text, and as you can imagine I want to get the spelling right. The text is supposed to be a personal twist on the saying by Descartes, I think therefore I am - which in japanese is 我思う,故に 我あり - which I want to turn into "I dream therefore I am". The...
  6. L

    I'm looking for a particular kanji, for..

    ..yes, it's a tattoo. Wait! Wait, come back!! Let me try to convince you a little further this is worth your time: 1) I have already read this thread.. and I completely understand where you're coming from with many of the requests you must get 2) I can't read or write kanji but I can write...
  7. MrMadman

    Translation for a written passage

    Hi! I'm a worker in the UK wanting a tattoo on my forearm. Less about fashion, more about looking at it every morning so the words inspire me to do better in the day. The passage I want is:- "Hold Hope in your Heart and Hell in your Hands" The problem is I've been raiding the internet and...
  8. shizakura

    Beautiful poems / pharses for Tattoo

    Hello, I am looking for some sites/ideas for beautiful Japanese poems or pharses about all kind of life related things. Long poems are fine aswell. I need them for a tattoo which I want to put on my upper leg from up to down. I would be very happy about some suggestions! ^^ Thanks :)