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15 Nov 2002
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo that says "freedom" with japanese characters. I have learned through some searching that the word is "jiyuu" and looks like this:

I think that drawing of the word looks good but if someone knows one that looks better I would be grateful if you could post the url here (of if you are a good artist maybe you could draw one for me). This is because since this is going to stick on me for a while I'd rather don't find a more good-looking after I've done it. :)

Oh, and also, I don't know any japanese at all, so if you think that "jiyuu" is wrong or the image is in fact not that word then please tell me so.
Oops, sorry for the late reply. 😊

Well, the spelling is correct. Nothing worse than a typo on your arm, lol.
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Hehe, now that would be really bad. :)
I was also wondering if it is the right word for "freedom". I'm thinking about personal freedom, freedom to do what I want. I've searched som translator sites but the results are pretty confusing, for example "fuki" means "liberty, independece" and "jiyuu" means "liberty, as it pleases you". You get my point. :)

I would really appreciate it if someone could explain the meaning of some of the different words for me so it would make it easier to decide if "jiyuu" really is the word I'm looking for.
yup! i think jiyuu is word you're looking for.
in fact, jiyuu also means the same in chinese too... =)
Konnichiwa Nva-san!

The word "Jiyuu" include some meaning in English, It's a "free", "freedom" and "liberty". All of them are translated "Jiyuu" in Japanese.

an example...
"a free market" is a "Jiyuuichiba" in Japanese. "Jiyuu" means "free" and "Ichiba" means "market".
"freedom of speech" is a "Genron no Jiyuu". "Genron" means "speech", "no" is a "of", and "Jiyuu" means "freedom".
"liberty of conscience" is a "Ryoushin no Jiyuu". "Ryoushin" means "conscience", "no" is a "of", and "Jiyuu" means "liberty".

In your case, "freedom" is a "Jiyuu" in Japanese. You don't make a mistake!

dont get a tatoo if you are planning on going swimming at a pool in japan.. most pools do not allow customers with tatoos
Actually, yeah they do have signs that say no tattoos, but half the people in them have them anyways. I have one myself, and I have never been stopped from entering an onsen or pool. Tattoos are becoming more popular over here, so it`s just not the Yakuza that has them anymore. It seems that they are getting more and more lenient on this issues by the day. That is what I have experienced anyways.......
They really have signs saying "no tattoos"???

that is weird to me. I have friends that look like yakuza because they are sooo covered in ink.
Konnichiwa Samuraitora-san!

Generally speaking, the Japanese dislike a tattoo by various reason. But all of Japanese is not so. Some of girl adorn herself with tattoo and some of boy has a tattooed to show strong himself.
But they are a minority group in Japan. Actually, I have no friends who has a tattooed. :eek:

That is kind of the opposite here. Don't get me wrong, there are still a lot of people with out any ink, but it is much more widely accepted here. I have a panther on my left shoulder and getting another on my right shoulder. Don't know what yet. Now you have a friend with a tattoo.
go to a good freehand tattoo artist , and they should be able to adapt any kanji into your preferred style , good luck
OH! samuritora you are so sensitive!!! And your tattooed Hmmmm!
I have a lot of family and friends, tattooed! Tattoos here are neither frowned upon nor judged! I personally do not have a tattoo neither does my husband, but tattoos here are perceived as a past! or present way of life! "not a fault!!" and whichever your choice in life!! It's your choice! not that of an over see-er!! lol
(spell?, I'm getting worse aren't I????) :)
I personally don't have a tatoo and never considered having one until I saw the movie "My Wife is a Gangster". The Wife had this cool tatoo on her back which I think would be nice if I had a back less dress... :mad:
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