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I missed the snow! I had to get up this morning to go to work (at 6am). I rode my bike to work, worked solid for 5 hours at the farm, and then came back. Got back, and guess what happened!静。窶堙ー窶馬窶堋ッ窶堙懌?堋キ!I can't believe I missed it! I wanted to go snowboarding on the hills near my house. Grrrrrrr!
Anyways! My dad says that if I get Bs or above in the rest of my GCSE exams, he will pay for me to to Japan for a month. He has already booked the tickets (although he said he will burn them if I don't do well!). I just got to do well! 窶堋ェ窶堙ア窶堙寂?堙ィ窶堙懌?堋キ!!


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