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Magic Vampire Joe (magevampjoe)

Yey! I finally switched to the linux distro Ubuntu! It works so much better than WXP. However, I have to learn a new programming language, C++, as Game Maker Language (gamemaker @ http://yoyogames.co.uk)) isn't supported. Laters, Joe
I'm feeling really ill recently. I have had a cold for the last few weeks, and rather than rest to get rid of it, I am continuing doing everything I normally do. It is starting to take its toll on me. Finally got hold of Genki I and II, to which I am using instead of Japanese for Busy People...
Hi there! Been revising all day since I got home from work, and I'm on a 5 min rest break. Anyways, my GCSEs are coming up; only 11-12 weeks left until the finals! Then on to college with me.:cool: As a result of my hard work, I'm am seriously limited on the amount of JLPT revision I can do...
I missed the snow! I had to get up this morning to go to work (at 6am). I rode my bike to work, worked solid for 5 hours at the farm, and then came back. Got back, and guess what happened!静。窶堙ー窶馬窶堋ッ窶堙懌?堋キ!I can't believe I missed it! I wanted to go snowboarding on the hills near my house...
Hello, this is my first day on the blog. Anyways, this is my diary (or as you too often see on the 'net nowadays 'ths is ma dairy 2 showe teh u al but meself.') Today has been rather slow. One of the puppies has gone to it's new home. I'll explain it first: my family has Cocker Spaniel dogs...

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