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5 minute rest break

Hi there!
Been revising all day since I got home from work, and I'm on a 5 min rest break.
Anyways, my GCSEs are coming up; only 11-12 weeks left until the finals! Then on to college with me.:cool:
As a result of my hard work, I'm am seriously limited on the amount of JLPT revision I can do. :( I may have to go for level 4 now instead.
I was planning on super revising my way through level 4 and 3, so I didn't have to do level 4. This looks in dire problem now :(
I wonder if I can do it. I seriously need to revise though. I'm opting to take the following at college:
and POSSIBLY business studies.
I need high grades in each of those to enter college. Thus, you can see why I haven't much time to learn Japanese.


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