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Starting my Diary

Hello, this is my first day on the blog.
Anyways, this is my diary (or as you too often see on the 'net nowadays 'ths is ma dairy 2 showe teh u al but meself.')
Today has been rather slow. One of the puppies has gone to it's new home.
I'll explain it first: my family has Cocker Spaniel dogs (English Cocker Spaniel) and we breed them. Anyway, this litter (as you call it, but it would be more accurately called a 'batch') was sired by the Best in Show of Crufts UK last year. Anyway, the Mum had five pups and one went today, an orange roan boy.
Apart from that, I have spent hours and hours making (rather bad) sushi with the Sushi making kit I got at Christmas. It tasted quite nice actually. (Prawn oshi sushi - pressed sushi).
OK, I can't write much today, so I'm signing off now. Laters.
Love you all.😊


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