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A Japanese Censor- Exported to France

I bought this Japanese Censor here in New England and when I researched the silversmith, Paris France, they were in business from 1880's to about the 1900's and then no longer existed. What's interesting about the piece is the color combination and the artwork on the piece.

Japanese export YOSHIDAYA censor (for burning incense) with French Silver (Hallmarked Mathine-Sudre & Cie) circa Meiji period (1868–1912) and after the Paris 1873 showing. The most famous Kumamoto that came out in this era is the Yoshidaya Kiln (吉田屋窯, 1823). Measurement is 6.75 by 6 by 4 inches.
The Yoshidaya revival of the earlier designs are mostly after Ko-Kutani, but they omitted red from their palette, only using green, yellow, blue, and purple. This showed their specialization for the aote style of Ko-Kutani. Below is an aote style from the 17th​ century:


And the example of Yoshidaya during his short remaining life in the early 19th​ century.


The censor (used to burn incense) with smoke rising to the heavens with a fu dog at the crest was made and silver modified in Paris after 1881 but before 1900; making it an early modified Japan porcelain piece for the European and English market demands for all things Japanese. It's a rare item, as I have not been able to find any comparable.
It will be sold at auction on 6-13-2024 on
Auction Ninja (click to see).

Some additional images of the silver and the hallmarks. French Hallmarks are extremely tiny and I had to use a digital microscope to see it and then find the silversmith via the French silversmith directory.


this Minerva mark with the 1 in the upper right hand corner says that the sterling is 95%+


The very small hallmark of M.S.et.Cie. une étoile au-dessus des initiales 1881 Mathine-Sudre (& Cie)
The hall marks, one on the bottom, painted within the firing of the porcelain means 'good fortune' and is called the Fuku mark found on many Meiji period Kutani porcelain pieces.


Kutani Fuku mark signifying 'good fortune'
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