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I just learned this word from the comments on a friend of mine's Facebook status. This was one of those that I figured would be better to research with Google, because it seems like slang or something. I ended up finding it in the ナ津ェナ陳ケ窶燃窶藩?スォ窶弋.

ニ檀ニ耽ニ鱈ニ槌槌停?彈/URL] (this is a link)

As soon as I read what it meant, I knew where ニ鱈ニ槌槌停? came from, but 窶堙??堋ス wasn't what I was guessing it might be. 窶忱窶囘湘ェ窶堙家鱈ニ槌槌停?愴短ニ停?ケ窶堋キ窶堙ゥ makes sense. And in true Japanese form, the whole thing is shortened to four morae. :)


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