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I feel like I have a somewhat deeper understanding of Japanese people now

Lately (as in the last few years), I've had this issue where I get "r"s and "l"s confused. Like, I'll be rolling along speaking English, like I've done every day of my life since I was 2 or 3, and I'll say "r" where I should say "l" or vice versa. I don't totally get why, but I think it has something to do with Japanese, and having sort of trained myself to think of both of them as the same and somewhat interchangeable in some situations. But I really don't know. I wonder if anyone else has ever experienced this.


I've done that occasionally when I have been studying Japanese and then go to say something in English. Its kind of annoying as I have been trying to help my wife transition to using the L sound. On a similar note I sometimes have difficulty in deciding if ん and ン are supposed to be Ns or Ms. :)
Well, with ん, there are times when it's realized as "m". Any time it comes before "p", "b", or "m" it will be realized as "m". So don't feel bad about that. :)

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