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「るろうに剣心実写版」を観ることができました。まあ まあだったと思います。順番がちょっと狂ってて、御庭 番衆どころか、四乃森蒼紫が登場しなくて、そして佐藤 健の演技が今一(剣心はいつもそう怒ってなかったはず だ)が、武芸の達人だと思わせるほどの動きを見せてく れました。斎藤一の登場が早すぎた。でも、戦いの場面 の演技は上出来だったと思います。そして須藤元気のま さかの登場にびっくり!通りでそのキャラの武芸がうま かったね!
I just learned this word from the comments on a friend of mine's Facebook status. This was one of those that I figured would be better to research with Google, because it seems like slang or something. I ended up finding it in the ナ津ェナ陳ケ窶燃窶藩?スォ窶弋...
...as a verb suffix, that is. It came up a few times in the 漢字源 entry for 鮮, saying it means 殺したての鳥獣, 出来立てである, and 切りたての~, so I was able to pretty much guess the meaning given the context, but I wanted to check the kanji since it's all written in hiragana in the entry. So I went to goo and found...
以下はlang-8からコピペしたものです(添削も入れて)。Need a word or phrase translatedというスレでこの話を仕掛けたままにしたので、ちょっとけりをつけたかったです。...
Lately (as in the last few years), I've had this issue where I get "r"s and "l"s confused. Like, I'll be rolling along speaking English, like I've done every day of my life since I was 2 or 3, and I'll say "r" where I should say "l" or vice versa. I don't totally get why, but I think it has...
I was browsing around a Chinese site that seems to be geared towards foreign languages in general, and found an area that's geared towards Japanese in particular, and found a link to 日语惯用句-0024-赤の他人. They give the definitions from 大辞泉 and 大辞林, and then the following example sentence...

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