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20 Nov 2003
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yu-gi-oh is alright..... the manga version i think is alot better than the anime version and the first time I actually read the manga version of yu-gi-oh was in shonen jump :)

Angel Wings

Yeah, yugioh rocks! 👍
I just watched it this morning, though i watched the dub; which i guess is better then nothing.
um, it is sorta true that they DO explain alot; even if what they're explaining is simple, and doesn't really need to be explained...(starting to blab, so i'll shut up 😌 )
Dueling is fun too.
i've got Joey/Yugi/Seto deck (no, i am not obsessive 😊 )
And the gba yugioh games are cool too.
i have heard that yugioh in Japan is more ::searches for word:: violent?
But yeah, yugioh IS my fave anime!
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