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Yeah not bad. It is on TV here, but I think it's a bit weird that they translate it into English. They even have a tournament in New york Madison Sq Garden.
YuGiOh is awesome in japanese! 4Kids killed it though. I swear Yugi's voice is going to crack everytime he speaks. Originally it was rated +16 and up, so they really edited a lot out of it for the one on tv. 😭 LONG LIVE KAIBA SETOH!
it's featured in shonen jump, but i'm really not impressed by it (talking draftsmanship/proportion/perspective)
it and shaman king are part of the reason i'm not bothering to renew the sub -- rather just buy the tankoubans when they come out
but definitely more power to those that do/are
YuGiOh is really good now, especially that Battle City Finals are here...YAY! So yeah, it's my all time fav too.
I've actually read the manga version. Got an issue of shonen jump.:) I liked it better then the anime version, except for Mokuba. He looked a little scary. o_O All around yugioh is a pretty decent show. True, 4kids messes up the translation very badly. But when has it translated shows well. cough pokemon cough. Just as an example. I' m really surprised they keep yugioh interesting because it is mainly based off a card game.
yugioh has been around for quite some time already ya..... but started getting popular only recently...
I read the manga before but I didn't really like it untill I play the Yu-gi-oh game on GBA then I watched the anime on TV once, I just love it.;) I think the game is quite interesting though.🙂
I just watched some of it today... ^^ well... dubbed ones... (but the voice at least seem more realistic...)
I don't really know yu-gi-oh, but a short time ago, it was mentioned on tv for parents to take care that their kids don't spend too much money on the yu-gi-oh card game.
I'm more of a closet fan of Yugioh.😊
An addictive lil' series isn't it?
I prefer the original version better (from the way I see it who DOESN'T) though. But for some reason or another I usually end up watching dueling monster mania at its best anyway. Something about Yami Yugi's unusually deep voice gets me.
Are the voice actors trained to use hypnotism? :mad:
:giggle: What I mean is that when Yugi turns from "boy to man" his voice gets really deep and it's kinda hypnotic!
Dark Magician woohoo!!👏
If you ask me...I prefer the Yami versions! And I'm kinda liking Yugi's outfits too..😏

I watch too much TV-nyo.:p

Excuse me while I go swab the decks!
Has anyone played the gba games before? I like the pokemon game better than the show itself. I've gotten up to silver but I'd like to get crystal. I was wondering if the yugioh game is worth it. most times it isn't.
really don't like yu-gi-oh, when i watch it it makes me feel stupid :/ They just explain too much...100% not my anime :)
Well, I've to admit I play magic the gathering (the card game) for 9 years (luckily, I know some guys aged around 30 playing it, so I don't feel too silly still playing it), and thus I know of the yu-gi-oh card game too.
It seems to be a wave-like the pokemon-cardgame. It is trendy now and in a year or too slowly dying, like the pokemon card game, for many reasons.
That reminds me... I should get some Japanese mtg cards and play with them to train my Japanese. :)
Yugioh is something i watch....
its good...
and addictive....
especially PS2 game...........
jesus if i don't find a way to get Exodia
I'm going to stop playing....
My personal favs on the show are in this order:

1- Yami *shudder*
2- Seto Kaiba
3- Yami Bakura--the spirit of the ring
4- Marik--not the evil dude, MARIK...not Malik
5-good Bakura...aka Ryou
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