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Yu Yu Hakusho


14 Aug 2003
Mina san kn'nichiwa,
I don't know if the manga Yu Yu Hakusho is famous in Japan or not !
but what i am looking for is a web site were i can download videos of the Manga 🙂
Please if any one can help me i'll be thankfull !
Peace 👏
I don't know if it's popular or not, but I can give you what I did to get the anime Yu Yu Hakusho: although it may be illegal now, I simply downloaded it off of Kazaa. Hope that's what you're looking for.
Thank you for the replay but the problem is that here in Tunisia, programs like Kazza or Morphus are very slow in downloading :mad: !!!!
so i'm searching rather for a website which offer this anim in download !!!
pls if somebody can help me, he do it .. ;)
Arigato minna san !
It's not that popular, so it might be VERY hard to find. The easy thing to do is go to the shounen jump official website and order that. Yu Yu Hakusho is in Shounen Jump. I hope that helps.

i know........but that would only help if you could read in japanese......but most people cant (except for the japanese of course)
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