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Super GALS! Oh yeah.


17 Jan 2004
Hello everyone! 🙂

Is anyone out here a fan of Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran? It's a hi-nrg anime series of the lives of three gals in Shibuya, and gives you a look at what goes on out there. Wonderful place. (That's why I have this user name, also because Hachi built his life on obedience, trust, and compassion, among things.) ;)

I love Super GALS! The artwork, animation, plot, and intangibles have more-than-commendable substance to them. And it's out on DVD here in the States, subbed, dubbed, and fresh like that takoyaki out in Bunkamura (thank you ADV Films).
Btw, if you check my website, you can find some really good screenshots of this series. :)
😄 super gals is a great show indeed! their fashion is uber cool with mild language.. but its ok:clap:


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For those of you who don't know, Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran is the story of three girls who live in Shibuya-ku, and their fun misadventures...and their lives.

(some spoilers, surnames removed to protect integrity.)

Ran, the lead protagonist, comes from a family of police officers. She does not want to be a police officer, opting to carpe diem her life and be a gal to the very end. Miyu is a former ex-gang leader, and is the girlfriend to Ran's older brother Yamato. Aya is an honors student who is weighed down by her parents to do well, or else. All three form a special clique: the Super Gals, which also consist of fellow classmates Satsuki and Rie, and even Ran's police-loving little sister Sayo who has a boyfriend, Masato. Sayo and Masato are the Junior Detectives (Chubo Deka), who snoop around the city, righting the wrongs...unceremoniously. 😄

Ran, Miyu, Aya, Satsuki, and Rie attend Hounan Koukou.

Not to mention two girls from Ikebukoro, Mami and Harue, the latter having a bitter relation in the past.

Also, there are the guys to mention. Rei and Yuuya are two guys from the Super High School Grand Prix who attend Meishou Daiichi. Yuuya seems to not get close to Ran at all, while Tatsuki, a para-para dancer and showboy from Machida, find the right moves...or does he? Aya seems to have a crush on Rei...but is it for real? :D

So you have these scenarios, plus a look at some of the activities that happen in Shibuya-ku. And there's of course Hachiko (of which my user name is dedicated to :) ), who has a new master in Ran.... ;)
i think Ran is the cutest thing lol.;) i wish i lived in shibuya:eek: and have a cute boyfreind heehe


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