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Wow - Something Great Happened To Me Today !!!!

I found my crafty self! I am starting to create again and I am so happy. Not just with writing and photography...I am also rediscovering my talent in crafts.
The vending machine gave me extra change for my coffee this morning! Woohoo, living life to the fullest!
Decided to start classes at a ward office a couple weeks ago... Wasn't put in the bottom class!

I must have done poorly on the test, though, because they put me about halfway through みんなの日本語 and I'm finding it super easy. Oh well, good review opportunity.

Just glad I'm back at it. Too long of a break. Was nervous walking in but everyone probably is.

Also in a beginning kanji class and have been keeping up with the homework for both classes.
Rare to find such a positive thread! Why isn't it more active? :D

I got my grades for the last semester! Scored some really nice grades! (And found some money in an old wallet! very happy indeed! )
I got my grades for the last semester! Scored some really nice grades! (And found some money in an old wallet! very happy indeed! )

Congratulations on your grades!

Did you turn the wallet over or were you just keeping it? ;)
I mailed something at the post office about noon today, and as I was walking back to my car (parking lot) there was this PO guy, older, standing next to his honda cub/supercub. I said hello and commented on the hot weather. Not great for me, but I hope connecting little made his (hot) day better.
I bought a gadget this week called Fire Stick for TV by Amazon. There is a series my wife and I loved called "Longmire" that A&E dropped and only Netflix carries and we desperately wanted to see it again. I'm not super good with electronics much anymore , but this plug in gadget was quick and easy to set up and in half an hour , we were hooked into Netflix and found our show , Longmire. There are so many TV shows and movies available (some free and some for pay) that we could spend the rest of our lives trying to watch it all. In a few months , we will be buried in snow here in Maine so it will be nice to have something to make the passage of winter a little easier.
Congratulations Frank, and I hope we'll still see you around! In a movie break perhaps. :D
I've got racing car from Kinder Joy egg :D

Really, I have many of them, wooooot!
Here's a thread to share your happiness with other Forum members! Maybe someone having a bad day can be cheered up by "your" good fortune.
maybe you came into some money. Maybe you got a promotion or raise at work. Maybe you scored a good grade on something in school. Maybe you received a nice gift. Maybe you just saw a beautiful flower or bird, but for you it was great. The Forum can be like one big happy family at times, share a little of your joy with us.
My "great" happiness for the day; it's Sunday and I have the day off. Not such a big deal, but I don't have to get dressed up or shave or do anything I don't want to, so I'm HAPPY !!
How about you ?????????


👍 :p 😌 :LOL: 🌹 :win: 🙏 😄
Better to be greatful and happy for the small things in life. Im having a cup of tea and reading your positive post thank you for sharing ^___^
I got accepted on a course to study in my chosen field, one step closer to my dream. I won't mention it because it sounds a bit lame but all the same, on my way!

Congratulations and welcome back to JREF! ✌ 😊
I woke up to another brilliant day of life on this Earth, for which I am thankful.
Good for you ! Never too old to enjoy learning. I went back to college after I got out of the Navy at 24 years old and found it was easier because I was older than most of the 18 & 19 year old's attending. I hope it works out for you.
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