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Can you help me find someone in Japan?!


25 Mar 2009
I am trying to find a childhood Japanese friend who spent a year or two in the US in the eighties. I don't know where in Japan he lives and the only thing I know is his name and age (+/- a couple years). I have tried to google him with no matches. There are no signs of him in myspace or facebook, but I understand that mixi is more popular in Japan. Unfortunatley, I can't access mixi. Does anyone know how to find someone in Japan?
Much appreciated.
I dont know if they would let you see the info but maybe a government building might have some info about your friend.
Just a thought, but did you google your friend's name in Romaji or in Kanji? I doubt you'd find much of anyone (who isn't famous) googling in romaji.
To find someone in Japan, you need to know at the very least the person's name in kanji (in correct kanji, not just homonyms) and the city, town or village in the prefecture where he lives or used to live, in addition to age. With such information, you may be able to inquire the local city/town hall for information, although it is nearly impossible for big cities like Tokyo, Osaka and many others.

mixi is SNS like Facebook or MySpace, but people rarely register in their real names--using handlenames just like here. So I think it's highly unlikely, unless you know the name of the person's alma mater (high school or university department/major).

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Some time ago I was in Tokyo looking for a long lost friend to no avail. Her adress didn't exist anymore as the police showed me and the neighboring shop keepers had no idea.
the last time i was with my dad was when i was 2months old baby, his name is Ryuji Kimura and there is something my mom left a piece of paper and it says

ryuji kimura
hashimoto gata. 342
minosima yukuhashi
fukookakenn japan 824-0011

please help me find my dad :(
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