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Waseda University Walk and Tour in 360 video | Made in Tokyo

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Tokyo Paul

2 Feb 2021
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Waseda University Walk and Tour in 360 video

Today we are exploring Waseda University, a top university in Japan. Waseda is ranked among the top of the most academically selective and elite institutions in the Japanese university rankings. It is also ranked alongside Keio University, its competitor, as Japan's best private university. Waseda ranked 189th in the QS World University Rankings in 2020–2021. Waseda has thirty-six departments: thirteen undergraduate and twenty-three graduate schools. At any time, there are a little over 40,000 undergraduate and 8,000 graduate students at Waseda. Moreover the central campus is in Shinjuku, there's also campuses in Chūō, Nishitōkyō, Tokorozawa, Honjō and Kitakyūshū.

This is the Okuma Auditorium. It is a three-story auditorium with 1,435 seats. To the left of the auditorium stands a seven-story high clock tower. The auditorium holds important events and lectures organized by Waseda University and on days that it is not in use by the university, club-sponsored events, seminars and activities are held there.

This is the bronze sculpture of Shigenobu Okuma, the founder of Waseda University. 298 centimeters in height, and wearing a scholarly gown it looks like a scholar. Born in 1838, Mr. Okuma was the child of a gunnery instructor. This is the work of sculptor, Fumio Asakura and it has become the symbol of the university in the center of the campus.

This is Uni.Shop & Café 125 which opened in April 2002 in excitement of the 125th annual celebration of Waseda University. Within the Uni.Shop, university goods and the Uni Café 125 snacks and drinks are sold. In front is a classy open deck where guests can enjoy some sunbathing even while drinking coffee. A lot of people come here to take it easy during lunch breaks. Nearby is the Okuma Garden, where tourists can enjoy the current season. If you're in the neighborhood, please stop by and walk around!

This is the Museum of the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre. It is a university museum dedicated to the history of drama and arts. The museum was named after Tsubouchi Shōyō, a famous writer known for his theatrical work and for translating Shakespeare's collected works into Japanese. Officially opened in 1928, the Waseda Theatre Museum is modelled after London's Fortune Theatre.

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