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study abroad

  1. madeintokyo

    Waseda University Walk and Tour in 360 video | Made in Tokyo

    Waseda University Walk and Tour in 360 video Today we are exploring Waseda University, a top university in Japan. Waseda is ranked among the top of the most academically selective and elite institutions in the Japanese university rankings. It is also ranked alongside Keio University, its...
  2. J

    Services Japan spring classes 2021

    Study Japanese in April Japan 2021. Come and experience Japan next spring during the Sakura season and beyond. We can offer you something different through our partner schools compared to most other language schools. With us you don't have to pay the full tuition at once. You pay monthly...
  3. sora46

    Question How much luggage do you bring?

    Within this month I am going to Japan for study at least for 3 years. I consider to bringing some luggages 24 inch (2); 20 inch (1); backpack (1) and I'll avoid using public transportation. Is it normal for you to bringing that's many?. Three years ago I went to Japan for 3 months study and I...
  4. A

    Undergraduate MEXT 2019, should I bother?

    Even though, the Japanese Embassy state the academic requirements for the MEXT undergraduate is... “Applicants must have completed 12 years of regular school education or graduated from a school equivalent to an upper secondary school in Japan.” However I have read the fine lines that say...
  5. Andrew Mize

    Study Abroad

    Hello! I will be studying abroad for the next ten months at Kansai Daigaku in Osaka. If anybody will be in the area in this next year and has an interest in networking please let me know!
  6. Devika

    MEXT scholarship

    So I'm involved at a university in my home country . If I get the MEXT scholarship for college of technology , will I have to leave my tech studies at my actual uni and go to Japan ??
  7. Yulia R

    Help Taking University Entrance Examination in JAPAN

    Halo everyone, I am applying for MEXT research student 2018 GtoG and other scholarship from Indonesia government. I have contacted the professor and he agreed to accept me as his student. For the Indonesia government scholarship I need unconditional LOA, but the problem is I have to take...
  8. Embassy Recommended MEXT : Research Student Scholarship ( India )

    Application Process And Result

    Okay, So once you are done with your initial preparation, the actual thing begins. And I forgot to mention, it is okay if you don't know Japanese (unless you are applying for Japanese studies ) Its not a complicated procedure. It just takes a LOT of time. You need to wait almost 8 months to get...
  9. Embassy Recommended MEXT : Research Student Scholarship ( India )


    Hello ! This is the first time I am writing a blog, so if I make any mistake, please ignore them lol :emoji_flushed: The most basic question ( often asked on various threads and groups ) is what exactly is this scholarship? I will answer this in the shortest possible way. This is a scholarship...
  10. Embassy Recommended MEXT : Research Student Scholarship ( India )

    Embassy Recommended MEXT : Research Student Scholarship ( India )

    This blog will contain an overview of the process of application for the research student scholarship via a local Japanese Embassy. I had applied for the 2017 selection for this scholarship and was selected along with (atleast) 25 other applicants from India. This blog will mostly follow the...
  11. A

    Studying Abroad In Japan

    Hello My name is Alex! I will be studying abroad for the first time for 1 month in Tokyo Japan during the month of August. This is the first time I'm leaving the comfort of my home town. I'm curious on what types of experiences other people have had studying abroad long and short term...
  12. G

    New All-English Science Program at The University of Tokyo

    The University of Tokyo has launched a great program that might be of interest to anyone who is an undergraduate student living abroad and wants to study in Tokyo. The Global Science Course (GSC) is a new undergraduate 2 year-long transfer program for chemistry students. It was designed to...
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